Should I stay or should I go?

Never a dull moment. After we reconfirmed last week with the company that runs the long-term stay apartments in Beijing that the current Beijing policy is 14+7, I got an email today from that same company that stated that the policy was 14+7+7. Apologies, if this is a repeat from my previous blog, but Chinese regulations require an out of country visitor to stay in a mandatory quarantine hotel for 14-days. Some cities add to that an extra 7-days where you have to stay isolated either in a hotel or in your home. Apparently, Beijing has an extra policy on top of that that adds 7 days for observation. During these observation days you can work, but you can’t be in public places or have dinner. I’m not quite sure how that works if you use public transport to get to work.

The problem is that it isn’t entirely clear whether that policy is currently in effect or not. It was in effect in March and the Beijing city government webpages state that clearly, but when my Chinese admin called the hotline, we get the response that it isn’t in effect anymore.

Obviously, I’d rather stay in Shanghai for a few extra days where I can live in freedom instead of going back into isolation in Beijing. That would require me to rebook my train ticket. I’m not quite sure how to do that yet, but I’m sure I would figure that one out. I would also have to get yet another COVID test that falls within the 7-day validity window of my arrival, but I’m now an experienced and registered patient so that shouldn’t be too hard either.

I’m now waiting for the residence company to figure out what policy they are adhering to …

UPDATE: A friend of mine, who was on the same flight over from the US as me, went to Beijing by train today. He arrived this afternoon. When he checked into his hotel it was 14+7. I think my long-term residence place is a bit more catholic than the pope by insisting on 14+7+7. Besides, when I arrive it isn’t really 7 days of observation anymore. Only 4 days. So, I decided to go ahead with the original plan and go to Beijing by train on Tuesday.

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