How China dealt with the COVID19 Delta variant

About one month ago, the COVID-19 delta variant escaped from Nanjing airport into the wild. Apparently, the cleaning crew of an airplane from Russia didn’t handle the security procedures correctly and got infected.  This highly contagious variant spread around like wildfire to Nanjing, Shanghai, Beijing, Yangzhou, Wuhan and even a resort town in southern china. EventuallyContinue reading “How China dealt with the COVID19 Delta variant”

An unexpected ending: Shaxi, Weishan Dali, and back to Kunming

On Friday morning 4am I woke up in Shangri-La and I did what I typically do, check my health and travel codes and take screen shots of them. Sometimes the internet is slow or the systems are overloaded during the day so its good to have back up copies of them. If you don’t haveContinue reading “An unexpected ending: Shaxi, Weishan Dali, and back to Kunming”

Tiger Leaping Gorge, Balagezong, and Shangri-La

The next few days were a long travel days. The distance as the crow flies is not too far, but Yunnan’s mountainous terrain with its many hairpin turns slowed us down a lot.  The trip from Baisha to Tiger leaping gorge (虎跳峡) was about 2:30 hours, followed by another 3:30 hours to Balagezong (巴拉格宗) which isContinue reading “Tiger Leaping Gorge, Balagezong, and Shangri-La”

Lijiang, Yulong and Baisha

Around this time, I got the news that Beijing was going into COVID war mode. Although still low, in the single digits, the delta cases kept increasing and as I stated earlier, if there is one thing the Chinese understand, it’s the power of exponentials. War mode in this case meant that tracking was inContinue reading “Lijiang, Yulong and Baisha”

Feedback from a Chinese citizen

I want to do something different with this entry and make it more like a guest blog. A friend of mine, Yungang Bao, provided me with extensive feedback that further illustrate some of the points I was making in my previous blog post. It’s interesting to read his Chinese perspective and therefore I copied hisContinue reading “Feedback from a Chinese citizen”